Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dos and Don'ts - Tod Parr
The opposites in this book are just the do and don't. And the examples are some of the silliest I've ever seen. I'm sure the page about underpants is going to get a big laugh.

Dinosaur Roar - Paul and Henrietta Strickland
A great opposites book with some happy friendly dinosaurs in it. I love the unconventional opposites too, like "clean and slimy" or "spiky and lumpy". It makes a nice change from "up and down".

Noisy Nora - Rosemary Wells
Nora is a mouse who's little brother and sister are (in her opinion) getting way too much attention. She bangs around the house, but eventually it goes quiet, then they really notice her. Rosemary Wells is the author/illustrator of Max and Ruby, this is one of her earlier books for younger children, although her distinctive style is still apparent.

Opposites - Sandra Boynton
Sandra Boynton is an indispensable young children's author. Her small board books are very silly and very popular. This one is exactly as the title suggests. A standard book of opposites; in and out, whisper and shout. We will be whispering and shouting.

June and August - Vivian Walsh
June and August meet in the jungle when it's dark and they get on very well, but in the light of day, they realise that they are very different. This doesn't stop them from being friends though, as they get as close to the moon and the stars as they can.

We'll be singing the Hokey Cokey, the Up and Down song and Open Shut Them.

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